You got a friend………

As I prepared to wave a fond farewell to 2014, I received a phone call from one of my dearest friends, Sam (or Spam as I affectionately call her).  With a pint glass brimming with vodka and house cola in one hand (why are we so greedy with measures when we’re not paying for it?) and a wedge of pork pie in the other (and why do we only eat pork pie at this time of year?), I quickly adjusted my jovial tone as I realised that she wasn’t ringing to wish me a Happy New Year but was, in fact, asking if I could look after her little girls while she went to the hospital with her Dad, who had collapsed minutes earlier.

Now I’m not going to lie here.  My first thought was, ‘God, what awful timing, just as I’m enjoying my night out’  but as I started to mumble my selfish apologies, instead I found myself blurting out:

“I’ll be round in ten minutes…….”

….and so I spent the next couple of hours astounding two eight year olds with my incredible lack of knowledge of Disney stories (I hate Disney, unfortunately they love it), trying to pretend I was sober to the next door neighbours as they came to take over the shift and tottering up the street Cinderella-style, with the clock rapidly lurching towards midnight and my drunken little shoe-booted feet trying to rebel against this unfamiliar act I was making them perform.

This was certainly one of the more unusual New Year’s Eves that I’ve experienced and as Spam’s Dad recovers in hospital, it has reaffirmed something that I’d already suspected before these events:

1. Family and friends are the single most important thing in my life and I should never be too busy to make time for them

2. Vodka and cheap cola should never be drunk in pint-sized quantities, unless you’re prepared to lose half of the next day to it and see pictorial evidence unfold on certain social media pages…….

Happy New Year…..hic!


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