Walk the Walk

I’ve been walking along The Great Wall of China this week.  Wowsers, I hear you gasp, what a fantastic achievement for one with so much else going on in their life – how does she do it?  Well, let me just stop you for a second. I can’t allow you to blow my trumpet too loudly, for I’m not actually there in person! I have, in fact, signed myself up for a walking challenge at work whereby staff have four weeks to walk the equivalent of the Great Wall itself.  This will be a walk in the park (see what I did there?) I thought to myself, as I collected my little pedometer, don’t individuals walk this in a few days just for fun?  Surely collectively, myself and colleagues can do easily do this…..

…….until I realised that I was getting it confused with Hadrian’s Wall

If there is anyone else out there who has made this mistake (please tell me there is), I’d like to clarify at this point that Hadrian’s Wall is 84 miles long and the Great Wall of China is 5500 miles. Furthermore, Hadrian’s Wall can’t be seen from Space. Ahem.

Never mind, I thought, let’s just clip this little pedometer on and see where it takes me.

I love walking. If you were to tell me I had to run 5 metres for a bus, I’d say ‘stuff it, I’ll wait for the next one’ but if you were to tell me that we were going to walk 10 or so miles along a coastal path or through lush, green countryside, I’d be lacing my walking boots up quicker than you can shout ‘and don’t forget your Kendal Mint Cake!’.

Doing it for a challenge as part of your daily routine is a slightly different matter though. Monday passed without event.  I walked into town in my lunch break and ended the day clocking up a fairly respectable 9117 strides.

On Tuesday though, things started to decline.  I had to go to London for a seminar and knew that I wouldn’t be doing much walking.  During the morning coffee break, whilst pulling up my skirt in the loo, what should drop from me and roll under the cubicle for all outside to see….yes my little ped-friend.  Worse still, as I picked it up to clip it back on whilst trying to explain to complete strangers what I was doing, the bloody thing reset itself! So the few strides I’d already clocked up were now gone forever.  Unfortunately this was how ped-friend (rapidly becoming ‘penemy’) behaved for the rest of the day.  If it wasn’t launching itself from my waistband, it was cruelly re-setting itself back to zero.  I became a nervous wreck constantly checking it. 6000 pitiful steps on Tuesday!

So on Wednesday, I traded it in for a new model.  I felt no remorse about this – it was the pedometer or my sanity. Unfortunately the demise of our relationship reflected in the steps taken and it was with a heavy heart that I trudged the last of the day’s woeful 7962 steps up to bed that night.

Thursday was a new day though and I wasn’t at work, so surely I could claw some steps back? Yes I could!! I clocked up 14, 600 steps just with the school run, a visit to the hairdressers, going to see my Mum and Dad, dentist appointment and LOTS of cleaning around the house.

Today I’m walking to the pub for dinner (something even better than walking, is walking followed by FOOD!) a couple of miles away. I’m on 5111 steps before I’ve even left the house. I’m practically walking the Wall on my own!!

I don’t know how many steps we have to take to walk the equivalent of the Wall but provided this little pedometer doesn’t turn on me like the last one, I’m confident that we’re going to go far together over the next few weeks!

See you at the end!!


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