Raindrops on roses……

So, we survived the Scarborough experience despite the gale force winds, my PMT and Pud taking himself off on several precarious cliff top walks and as predicted in my previous post, I’ve been grappling with a week’s worth of dirty washing since we returned.

Nevertheless, our holiday continued with Easter falling straight afterwards and on Easter Monday it was warm enough to sit out in the garden with a lovely relaxing cup of coffee, while Molly and Eddy played on the trampoline down the bottom of the garden.Flying children

Well…….I say relaxing but within seconds of sitting down, I heard the all too familiar roar of next door’s lawn mower blasting around their garden, closely followed by some kind of Texas Chainsaw Massacre as they proceeded to cut down the hedges and bag up the cuttings.  Our neighbours are lovely, we hardly hear a peep out of them usually.  In fact, I worry that we make far too much noise for them, especially when Eddy’s throwing himself around the living room as he practises his football moves.

Our neighbours are also retired.  Yet they always seem to carry out their household tasks at the weekend or on a Bank Holiday. And I can’t help thinking,

Why wait until a Bank Holiday to do all your noisy chores, when you’ve got all the rest of the bloody week to do them while everyone else is back at work??

Rant over, as they say.

In order to take my mind off the interminable drone of garden appliances, I decided to think positive thoughts and in doing so I thought I’d share with you some of the things that have made me happy over the last couple of weeks:-

Travel towels
Magic towel2If, like me, you don’t care very much for that ‘damp dog’ kind of smell that an overused, impossible-to-dry out holiday towel leaves all around your face then this is just perfect for you!  A full sized towel that folds up to a fraction of its size magic towel(as the packet to the right shows when placed against the coat of a small child and my toes) that not only dries you quickly but also dries itself quicker than you can say ‘Eugh, my face smells like a wet dog’s hind leg’.  Admittedly, it feels like a window cleaner’s leather chamois and you have to kind of ‘slap’ yourself with it rather than the gentle rubbing technique normally associated with drying oneself but it’s bone-dry by the time you next need it and for that reason alone you have to have one of these in your life!!

Costa filter coffee
Costa!Fact: Costa do the best straight black coffee ever. It’s so good it even tastes ok out of a paper cup and not many drinks can pride themselves on this.  Imagine my delight then, when I saw that Costa make a filter coffee that I can keep in my special little coffee cupboard at home and make at my leisure!! Dark, intense and a little bit mellow (just how I like my men, boom boom), who cares if I’ve exceeded my daily three cup limit by 10am? And what does it matter if I’m still bouncing off the walls at midnight, knowing that sleep won’t be coming for at least another two hours?

Liz Earle products
Oh sister-in-law, you opened up a proper Pandora’s box when you bought me some travel sized products for my birthday!  I always swore that I would never spend a fortune on face products, citing them as a big fat con but then I tried these.  Oooh, it’s like a dainty little skin-fairy has danced across my face in velvet slippers and left whipped clouds behind on my cheeks.  Now I’m £54 lighter as I just had to buy the full size products and I’m left wondering how on earth I will be able to financially sustain this new-found addiction but at least my skin feels very nice.  Just don’t tell Pud!

Liz earle

Pride of place alongside Betty Big Bum

Last but not least…. Easter Greetings
I love Easter, I’m not particularly religious but I can appreciate what it’s all about.  I love having the opportunity to catch up with friends and family and if a warm, sunny day is thrown into the mix then all the better. But one of my favourite things about Easter is my Mum’s special ‘Easter tea’ which gets bigger and better every year.  Homemade cakes, sandwiches fit for a queen, drinks a plenty and seeing the kids’ faces as they delight in their Easter chocs, it’s always a lovely afternoon.

But the real highlight for me is when we’re all stuffed full of food, ready to go home and Mum packs us up with loads of the remaining sandwiches and cakes and it’s not because of the anticipation of eating such delights again the next day, no sir, that’s just an an added bonus…..

……the real reason I get so excited is because Mum brings out her vast array of Tupperware ‘lock and lock’ storage tubs to transport the food treats home in and I get to admire them for a few days before reluctantly handing them back.

Oh, what I wouldn’t give for some of this ……..


Happy days! xx


One thought on “Raindrops on roses……

  1. Ah, truly you are a daughter to be proud of Kerry! The ‘must buy another storage box’ gene is obviously every bit as strong as the ‘overpacking for holiday’ one! I can’t imagine a life without Lock and Lock! Just say the word and your next Christmas present is assured!
    I love Easter tea too!xxx

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