London Calling

I love London – it’s frantic, expensive, full of VERY busy people and when you blow your nose after just a couple of hours of being there, your bogies are always black from the grubby atmosphere that you’re compelled to breathe in.  But if any city is capable of transporting a person back hundreds of years in time whilst simultaneously throwing bucket loads of modern culture at them from every angle, I reckon London’s that place.

The other day, after deciding that a day trip to this bustling metropolis was long overdue, me and the kids grabbed Nana Kitten, secured a day pass out of the village and hopped on a train, armed with enough snacks and drinks to cater for a royal wedding (I’m sure Ma’am is rather partial to a Haribo Frenzy or a Co-op croissant), along with various card games, colouring implements and electronic gadgetry to keep the kids occupied on the journey.  I don’t know what it is about car-less day trips that makes me cram so much into a bag but it seems to have rubbed off on Eddy who decided to take, amongst other items, two tennis balls and Dog……..

London 2 Excessive luggage aside, we had a fantastic day – the weather was perfect, the kids were well behaved and we even managed to negotiate the tube successfully (probably more thanks to Molly and Ed than any adult intervention).  We went on the London Eye, took in the Houses of Parliament and Downing Street, scoffed ice creams at Trafalgar Square and even took a little cruise atop a tourist-rammed boat on the River Thames.

Nana K overcame her initial fears and enjoyed the London Eye

Didn’t realise it was quite this high!

I took one or two hundred pics of the day’s proceedings – when in Rome and all that – and in true day-trip style there were some lovely, funny memories created that will stay with me for a long time – which of course I’m going to share with you:

1. Nana Kitten braving the London Eye experience and really enjoying it in spite of not realising it went quite so high until we actually looked up at it.

2. A string of photos taken by Nana K whereby I’m hanging onto my bright red bucket bag for dear life from underneath – not because I was scared of being robbed but because the handles had started to pull away at the seams due to the weight of the four bottles of juice that nobody wanted to drink until at least 3pm.

Tower Bridge.....and lots of annoying 'snap happy' tourists

Tower Bridge…..and lots of annoying ‘snap happy’ tourists

3. Eddy’s tip of the day imparted to Pud on arriving home….’Dad, you know if you have to queue up in the mens’ toilet, it’s likely to really stink of poo when you go in after someone else.’ Apparently the poor little fella couldn’t reach the urinal in one loo and was forced to use a cubicle, thus learning a harsh lesson in male toiletry habits.

4. One thing made me particularly happy though. I sometimes find it difficult to gauge if my kids have enjoyed the things we do together – it’s not cool for them to show too much emotion and I’m often left wondering if I’ve wasted my time and effort in arranging things.  Imagine my delight then when Molly posted a picture of Big Ben on Instagram with the caption ‘ Amazing day in London – London Eye was the best’…….

Big Ben - ding dong

Big Ben – ding dong

What a BIG eye you have.....

What a BIG eye you have…..

London 1

This girl has a great eye for a pic

Stay away pickpockets, I have juice you know!

Stay away pickpockets, I have juice and I’m not afraid to use it!

Eddy sets out his souvenirs on the train home

Eddy sets out his souvenirs on the train home

…….Woohoo London – you rock!!


One thought on “London Calling

  1. I still can’t work out the significance of the two tennis balls though! It was certainly a smashing day which I thoroughly enjoyed. It was lovely seeing some of the sights I’ve not seen for a long long time! Oh, and tell Eddy it’s not just the men’s loos that always seem to smell of poo when you go in……..!

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