A fun family day out

And so we enter the third week of the school holidays and I’ve taken some time off from work to do lots of lovely ‘family’ things together.  Pud managed to wriggle out of some of the week by getting himself booked onto an IT course as part of his ‘back to work’ plan but not before we’d taken the kids out to Wicksteed Park for the day……

Things started well with Pud pushing the ‘Press for Help’ button instead of the one that dispenses a ticket for parking upon arrival and as the barrier finally allowed us entry, we sped quickly off to the sound of loud, intermittent beeping, Molly shouting ‘Drive Dad, just drive!’ and me nearly pissing my pants with laughter.  We spent the first couple of hours worrying that we hadn’t bought enough ride tickets for the day and then, as Eddy decided he didn’t want to go on anything, the rest of the day frantically chucking tickets at each other shouting ‘Just get on the damned ride, the park closes in an hour’ until Eddy relented at the last minute and decided that he actually did want to go on everything he’d refused to go on earlier.

Make way for Noddy!(caption shamelessly pinched from Kirsten)

Make way for Noddy!(caption shamelessly pinched from Kirsten)

Eddy finally found a ride that he liked the look of and we all walked towards it in over-exaggerated excitement.  ‘Ooh look Eddy,’ we said, ‘it’s a little carriage-type thing that goes around on a track, you’ll like this.’  It was only when we got there we saw that you had to pedal the bloody carriage round the track yourself.   All I can say is it’s a good job I’ve been doing a bit of cycling lately, otherwise I might have disgraced myself……

Pedal this@ Are you having a laugh?

Pedal this? Are you having a laugh?

I really like Wicksteed Park and my only gripe about it is parking is a bit steep at £6 when visitors have already paid a hefty sum for tickets and wristbands for the rides (not that we did – we cashed in Tesco vouchers – well, we are unemployed you know) and also  the fact that we had to take the kids with us.

That last bit was a joke, we had a lovely day really……..

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