Is it spring yet?

I’m not a huge fan of winter if I’m honest.  That long drag from Christmas, waiting for brighter, sunnier spring days is almost unbearable at times and if I had my way I would stock pile a mound of Wispa Golds and roast beef Monster Munch, wrap myself in a cosy fleece blanket and sit and scoff my way through the darkest, longest days of the year.  Actually, I do this most nights anyway, so I decided to try another way of whiling away a few hours as the rain tormented relentlessly at the window, and I came to the conclusion that a list of the things that are actually making me happy this winter was called for.  So without further ado I bring you my very own winter survival guide!

Listening to lots of cheery music
I had a silly notion that in order to broaden my musical horizons, I needed to listen to the top fifty greatest albums of all time and I started to look into doing this.  I quickly discovered two flaws in this plan:- firstly, there isn’t a definitive list- you can have the top fifty best selling albums of all time, Rolling Stone or NME’s top fifty albums as voted for by those in the music industry, fifty most voted for albums in any favourite album charts of all time – the possibilities are endless!  Secondly, of all the charts I scrolled through, there seemed to be a lot of shit there that I wasn’t prepared to commit to (Coldplay, Radiohead, Fleetwood Mac to name but three).  So much for broadening my horizons.  Instead, I consulted my Dad in this matter as he knows more about music and owns a more diverse music collection than any other person I know.  We decided that my life probably won’t suffer as a result of not listening to these ‘classics’ and on my Dad’s recommendation I came away with a handful of Rock and Roll albums by artists including Little Richard, Elvis Presley and a guy called Buddy Knox.  Now these tunes were definitely made for helping people cope with the winter months!  Even the sad songs about unrequited love or someone’s dog dying come with a jaunty little beat that you can’t help jigging along to and I would thoroughly recommend a bit of Rock and Roll to anyone who’s not feeling too chipper of a dark and dank winter’s morning.

Rainy walks through Bradgate ParkRainy secret picnic
Oh come on, you didn’t think I wasn’t going to mention it did you?  One particular walk was probably the wettest and most blustery that I’ve endured but the beauty of the Park still managed to put a smile on my face.  And the great thing about long winter walks is the warm, milky hot chocolate and one or three biscuits you can consume afterwards with not one shred of guilt!

Spring flowersSpring flowers
Yes, I think we’ve established that it’s not spring but I can’t stop Mother Nature can I?  It may not be right that they’re in bloom prematurely but I’m jolly well going to buy them (or have a bunch bought for me by my lovely friend Zoe) and enjoy their fresh scent and cheery vibrant colours. So there. PS, sorry about the crap picture.

Changing into your pyjamas the minute you get home
And I’m not talking about the cute little shorts and strappy top variety either.  I’m talking about that tatty fluffy jumper with a long sleeved t.shirt underneath tucked into crazily patterned, full length brushed cotton trousers, finished off with violently clashing socks, all of which render you unable to answer the door of an evening for fear of being arrested by the fashion police. Except that I was forced to open the door when my nephew called round looking for Pud, who wasn’t there.  Sam, I wish you could unsee the image you witnessed that night.  My condolences.

Unexpected financial savings
So in the last couple of weeks, I’ve saved £76 on a passport that I thought I needed to buy but it turns out my current one doesn’t expire until next year and £25 at the dentist because he gave me mates rates as I’m such a regular customer (this isn’t a good thing).  Technically these weren’t actually savings as I hadn’t already spent the money and got it back, more that I’d put it aside to pay for these things.  I believe this is called female logic. And what did I do after the initial euphoria of my newly acquired affluence had worn off?  I put in a rather large clothes order to New Look, had a bit of a toiletry binge at Superdrug and saved £5, yes £5 in my rainy day tin.  And how much of the £101 that was never really a saving in the first place do I have left?  About 53p.

Who ate all the cobsSalt and pepper topped rolls
Yes that is a big bag for just one roll isn’t it?  Maybe that’s because since purchasing these salty, fiery, ‘crisp-’em-up-in-the-oven and risk tooth breakage’ delights just two days ago, I’ve chomped my way through five, yes five of the not so little blighters. No wonder my dentist greets me with a hug.

So these are a few of the things that are helping me lurch from one long, wintery day to the next as I impatiently anticipate the gentle hum of spring.  I’d love to hear what’s getting you through these seasonally challenging times as well (but you’re not having that last roll………).



2 thoughts on “Is it spring yet?

  1. I think everyone can resonate with this blog post, certainly put a smile on my face!

    Cheery music – can I suggest the grease official soundtrack, great for a singalong at the top of your lungs.
    Pyjamas – you must invest some of that saved money on a set of soft fleece pjs #heavenly.

    What’s currently getting me through – left over Christmas chocolates….Celebrations tins and ferrero rochers are calling me!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Tate, thank you so much for your suggestions – I definitely need to address the PJ situation…can I get a pair for 53p do you think?! I also can’t believe you have Christmas chocs left, mine are but a dim and distant memory! Xx


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