Random acts of bone idleness

peggyThis peg has been in exactly the same place in our dining room for nearly a week now.  I brought some washing in last week and the cheeky little blighter was still attached to Pud’s pants (it may never recover from this).  Instead of immediately picking it up and placing it back outside where it rightfully belongs though, I went upstairs, put the washing away and promptly forgot that it was there.  I don’t know how many times we’ve all walked past it since it was dropped but rather than pick it up, it’s now got to the stage where it seems perfectly normal for this peg to have become a little ‘carpet feature’ in our house and I’d stopped noticing it until today.

This randomly placed item is not an unusual occurrence in the Pud residence,  I’m forever turning a blind eye to objects that are out of their usual habitat – partly because I get fed up with tidying up after everyone but also, if things are left somewhere for long enough they do actually start to look as though they should have been there all along.  To illustrate this point, I decided to have a little wander around the Pud residence today and take some pictorial evidence of any randomly placed objects that have gone unnoticed for so long that they’ve now become household features in their own right.

It turns out there were more than I thought……..

Tangerine dream

A small orange on the kitchen windowsill – extracted from Molly’s lunch bag some time ago and placed here because it was clearly too far for Molly to walk into the next room and put it back in the fruit bowl.

Talking of fruit bowls, where else would you keep your highlighter pen eh?


tester my arse

Oh dear, this is one of mine.  I bought this tester tube of paint for Eddy’s room a couple of weeks ago and got pissed off because I wanted to quickly dab some on the wall whilst in the middle of doing five other things but it didn’t come with anything to dab it on with. I couldn’t be arsed to go downstairs to find a brush and pot, so consequently the tube remains on the windowsill at the top of the stairs (along with half a sticking plaster packet because obviously only half the pack goes in the bin).

But if only I’d thought to look in the bathroom I would have found the paintbrush I so desperately needed! How silly of me not to look here….

Brush strokes

Drinky poo

And staying in the bathroom, I could even have had a drink whilst tending to my daily ablutions.  Hmm, I wonder if this is what people mean by the term ‘having a drinky-poo’…..?

Now don’t these shoes make a lovely fireplace feature?

Nice feature

Traumatised teddyThis is quite understated in comparison to the amount of crap that normally resides at the bottom of our stairs.  Here we have a small wooden chair seating a teddy who is being slowly asphyxiated by a plastic bag containing several toiletry items, alongside Eddy’s toothbrush and a couple of t.shirts. We will all walk past this for at least five days until it reaches the point where every stair has something on it and we run out of clothes to wear because every item has been dumped on the stairs ready to be put away.

Sock it to me baby
Well I don’t know about you but I always keep a sock on the pool table….I find it brings me no end of luck.

So there we have just a small selection of items in unusual places in our house.  I’d like to say that I’m so embarrassed I’m now going to purge the house and make sure that everything is put away but the reality is that even if I do, there will be plenty more random item placements for a long time to come.  Judge me if you will dear reader – but before you do, you’d better have a good look around your house and make sure that everything is in its place!

And as for the peg?  Well Eddy did actually pick it up after watching me take a picture of it.  He  put it on the dining table….where it will probably stay until Christmas.


4 thoughts on “Random acts of bone idleness

  1. Love this! When the hubs has left his things lying around the house, I take pictures and send them to him, which is lazy in itself as I could have just picked it up but it’s the principle isn’t it?! Haha

    Liked by 1 person

    • Haha Tee, I like your style…..although I have a friend who once showed her hubby pictorial evidence and it almost caused a divorce! He felt it was a violation……


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