50, not out

Should have ordered the cake inContrary to what you might be thinking, the cakes you see in front of you weren’t decorated by a four year old with a penchant for green hundreds and thousands but me, yes me! You see, we’re celebrating a very special birthday in the Pud residence today –  no, not the Queen’s (because anyone can live to the ripe old age of ninety if all they do is sit around all day stroking corgis and posing for portraits, if you ask me) but Pud is fifty!!  And what better way to mark this momentous occasion than with some of my notoriously badly decorated cupcakes I say!

I was originally going to have a cake made for Pud by an expert but decided that the fifty quid it was likely to cost me would be put to MUCH better use elsewhere (i.e New Look). Then I thought it would be a nice idea for Molly and Eddy to choose a luxury celebration cake from M&S but Molly wanted the chocolate hedgehog as she doesn’t like jam and Eddy wanted the football pitch because he felt it wasn’t all about Molly, so we had to abort that mission before other customers started tutting and ringing Social Services.

So here we are, with my funky little take on a cricket theme, complete with a personalised ‘cricket ball’ topper and grass-effect green strands. Pud said he didn’t want any fuss for the big occasion and I think I’ve delivered.Grass and everything

Pud says that fifty sounds really old when you say it and to be honest it doesn’t seem like five minutes since we were celebrating his thirtieth birthday (and THAT seemed old) with our friends, in this very same house – shoving empty beer cans into the garden hedge, drawing willies on the bathroom mirror with shaving foam and ten of us squeezing into the small cupboard under the stairs (known forever after as the Tardis) for a private, girls-only chat at the TOPS of our voices. What parties we used to have on Pud’s behalf long before I moved in and we became sensible!

Every so often I find myself longing for those silly, carefree times but, twenty years on, mostly I wouldn’t change a thing. We might be older but we’re definitely wiser (well, most of the time), we have two fabulous kiddiebobs who keep us young and we still laugh about the Tardis with our friends when they come round.  And nowadays we have cricket-themed cupcakes!  So turning fifty isn’t all bad…especially for me as I’m nowhere near it yet haha!

Way back when

Back in the day


Happy birthday to the Artic Fox – you might be fifty but you’re definitely not out! xx

PS, hasn’t the bin come out well in the pic opposite – if you look closely you can even see some of its contents

PPS, please don’t be alarmed by the wire dangling from the lamp – we’re very careful not to tug on it when we’re in the vicinity


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