A short but sweet stay in York

Worry not folks, I’ve arrived safely back from my travels! Well, when I say travels, I mean my annual overnight pre-Christmas pilgrimage with my mum, which this year saw us stepping back in time to the olde worlde city of York.  With its eclectic mix of bang up to date shopping set against a backdrop of crooked, medieval buildings and narrow, cobbled streets, York never fails to disappoint – everywhere you turn there seems to be a picture perfect view ……img_20161125_075119907

……unless you stay in a Travelodge like we did. Although I have to say, this was the only downside to an otherwise faultless stay there.  For £75, we enjoyed a spotless room, really comfortable beds, a huge all-you-can-eat breakfast (a lot) – all with the added bonus of not having to do that awful hushed chit chat that you find yourself doing if you stay in a guesthouse with a small breakfast room, when you don’t want the guests at the table next to you overhearing your every word.

Heck, they even throw in scarves so you can match the décor…..

Prior to our stay Mum had had a bad knee but I, I mean we didn’t let such trivialities deter us from having a good old wander around the many nooks and crannies that York has to offer.  I felt that if I went first and pointed to every step of every shop and warned Mum to ‘mind the step’, then I was doing my bit to prevent any further injury.  And it seemed to work….by the end of our stay, she was fair-skipping around the streets.

We watched fudge being made in a shop called Roly’s and tasted the dreamiest, creamiest salted fudge from there; we supped mulled punch and munched on homemade mince pies with tooth-shatteringly thick pastry; we feasted on ginormous bags of chips, and enjoyed a refreshing gin and tonic or two at one of York’s oldest pubs; ‘Ye Olde Starre Inne’, (tip: if you want something to appear to be really old, just stick an ‘e’ on the end of its title – it’s a winning formula).

We wandered, we shopped, we nattered and we tried unsuccessfully to take selfies (it turns out that if you want to get yourselves and the York Minster in the background, you have to crouch on the floor.  With Mum’s knee and my dodgy hip? Are you having a laugh?

All too soon our mini adventure was over and we headed home, not quite ready to re-join reality. We both agreed that one night is not nearly enough to enjoy all that York has to offer (especially the food and drink) and hopefully next time, we’ll stay for longer.

For now though, I’ll have to content myself with looking through my (exceedingly poor quality) pictures and remembering what a fab time we had. Thanks Mum! xx


3 thoughts on “A short but sweet stay in York

  1. And thanks to you too Kez, I had a fabulous time. Here’s to the next (longer) trip! Oh, and I’m very grateful for your timely warnings about all the steps and uneven surfaces!!

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