January – it’s not all bad you know

I’m not a massive fan of January, It’s about thirty days too long and always seems such a long drag when the Christmas festivities are over. I could quite happily bury myself under a duvet and sit this weary month out but we have several family birthdays in January (including Eddy’s), so that would be a bit selfish of me.  Plus, I would smell.

But for the brave hearted, who are prepared to face January head on, there is much to celebrate in this start to the New Year and you won’t be surprised to see that I have a list which demonstrates this! So it’s out with the old, in with the new, positive vibes only and all that nonsense, and let’s get this year started!

Winter sun
Alright, so the sun can barely heave itself higher than the treetops at this time of year but this is what makes a sunny, winter’s day so magical in my not very humble (and often unwanted) opinion. Who needs to jet off to sunnier climes when you can truss yourself up in multiple layers, take yourself off to a country park (let’s say Bradgate, just for the sake of argument), and feel that low, hazy sun caressing the bobble on your hat as you skip with gay abandon through the day?

Navel oranges
When I was pregnant with Molly I used to get massive cravings for oranges and like the expectant wife in the fairy tale, Rapunzel, who couldn’t get enough salad from the wicked witch’s garden, I would send work colleagues out for bags of these delicious, juicy fruits from the local market and sit salivating over them throughout the day (the oranges, not my colleagues).   I was very specific about which oranges I wanted – the navel* variety, complete with signature ‘belly button’ and baby segments nestled inside the main fruit.  I still love them to this day and would go so far as to say that they’re my favourite fruit.  Molly loves them as well and I like to think that we bonded over them when she was in my tum. Now is the optimum time for these spherical objects of beauty so go out and buy some; peel away the skin and gaze in awe at this wonder of nature.  And try not to think of lady parts as you look at each half.


Hey, check out my belly button

*I googled the origin of the name as I thought it might just be me who thinks they’re so-called because of the belly button-like hole at the top of them. It turns out that this really is the reason!

img_20170105_130325237Ickle seasonal carrots
How cute are these? I spotted them earlier whilst picking up a bag of oranges (see above) and had to have them.  ‘Oooh, I’ll be roasting these in olive oil and rosemary for dinner tonight!’ I boasted to the greengrocer, giving her the impression that all my family would be gathered around the table later on, marvelling over my tasty, wholesome side dish.  And then I remembered that Molly and Eddy have a pathological dislike of veg and that Pud likes his food like his women; plain and untainted (ha ha) and that in reality, I’ll end up eating the blasted things until they’re coming out of my ears.


My super dooper new water bottle
Not so much ‘New year, new me’ as ‘New year, new liver’ if I don’t flush out the alcoholic excesses of Christmas pretty darned soon. I’ve decided to give up alcohol for January and felt rather smug about this on January 1st, as I spent half the day in bed and the remainder of it shuffling from the sofa to the kitchen cupboards for numerous fixes of white carbs to soak up the previous night’s drunken revelries.  On January 2nd, however, normal service was resumed and I found myself looking wistfully at my favourite wine glass, wondering how either of us was going to cope with the interminable separation from each other this month.  But I didn’t cave in!  Instead I purchased this funky little number, stuffed it with pieces of lemon and lime and sat back and waited for the burst capillaries on my face* to disappear with each swig of this refreshing, healthy alternative to alcohol.  I’ve tried a few different fruits in it so far: grapes taste rubbish, oranges are good (no surprise) and Eddy is rather partial to strawberries and mint leaves (he’s so exotic).  I’m going to try cucumber and mint next and close my eyes while I imagine that there is at least a triple measure of gin in it. Oh and FYI, Mars bars don’t work.

*exaggeration alert

Family time (or hashtagmakingmemories)
You know me, I would much rather bang on about how my family irritate me than say something nice about them. I’m not one for gushing about all the fun things we’re doing together (mainly because for the majority of the time we’re not) but over the last couple of weeks it’s been so lovely to spend some time with all my family without having the usual stresses and strains of every day life to consider. There’s no other feeling like it….and that’s as soppy as I’m going to get.

Happy January everyone – only twenty six days left!


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