Random acts of bone idleness (part 2)

Some time ago I posted about everyday objects being left around the house in the most obscure places for so long that eventually the obscure place becomes their natural habitat (click here if you fancy reading it).  This post seemed to be quite well received by several million (well, maybe three) readers and, inspired by a couple of recent comments (thanks Dan and Charlotte), I decided to re-visit this subject. I felt sure that after publicly humiliating myself with pictorial evidence of the Pudster’s extreme untidiness last time, serious lessons had been learned and that the Pud Residence now no longer resembles a landfill site.

How wrong I was. It would appear that this is the gift that just keeps on giving.  And so ladies and gentlemen, without further ado, I bring you random acts of bone idleness, part two……


The pile of ironing at the top of the stairs that I am loathe to bring downstairs because if it comes downstairs, I will actually have to do something about it.  We are currently up to day five with these items and I can’t see the stand-off ending any day soon.  Note the clever two-tone carpet which Pud put down eight years ago as a temporary measure while we decided on a new one.  We went to pick a replacement, had a bit of a row in Carpet Right which ended in me flouncing out of the store and to this day neither of us can bring ourselves to discuss this beige and burgundy elephant in the room any further.


The used toilet roll tower. This is quite tame by our standards – normally there are at least four empty rolls squeezed into one and they usually have four or five sheets of tissue still attached to them.  I confess that I rarely bring them downstairs and that this seems to have become a little job that Pud has acquired but I feel no guilt about this whatsoever seeing as I’m the one who wipes up all the boy-wee off the wall/floor/toilet seat AND has to get rid of the giant impossi-logs that my family always seem to lay late at night.

img_20170108_201110369Found on the floor in Eddy’s room…either they had some kind of Romeo and Juliet-esque suicide pact going on or Ed has been playing the sort of game with them that mums really don’t want to know about.

And why is there always a sock on Eddy’s pool table?? img_20170108_200959697








Because we’re old school and still listen to the radio and we’re a little hard of hearing, we like to have the music right next to us and it simply must be plugged in to the highest socket we can possibly find.  FYI, that’s a big paint splat on the speaker but does it hinder the melodic sounds of Smooth Radio?  Not on your nelly.

img_20170108_200608882Now, where did I leave my foot moisturiser?  Of course! Out in the kitchen, next to my recipe books because I soaked my feet the other night after a hard day at work and left it there while I reached into the fridge for a large snack to reward myself with.  Where else would it be?

img_20170108_215422251Highlighter pen in the fruit bowl last time, lipstick, pencil sharpener and sim card packaging this time.  Thank heavens for fruit bowls!


I’ve saved the best until last and this is almost too horrendous for words…the top of this wooden chest was clear just two days ago – I know  because I tidied it (I do tidy up sometimes) – and now look at it!  Gloves, hat, books, various clothes, Dog, Dave the Minion and a vat of moisturising cream with lid half on.  If it’s not on the chest, it’s not worth knowing about. #Houseproud

So there we have it (again).  I was asked last time if I’d really found all the objects in the weird and wonderful places I reported or if I’d planted some for comedy value.  I can honestly say that no objects were deliberately moved in the making of either this post or my previous one – embarrassingly they were already there.

Am I on my own in this?  Please, send me pictures, comments, anything to tell me otherwise.  We can’t be the only lazy, untidy slobs in the village….can we??



2 thoughts on “Random acts of bone idleness (part 2)

  1. How’s this one …darling hubs emptied the bins yesterday, didn’t put a bin liner in the bathroom bin straight afterwards (grrr), i walk in today and instead of putting a bag into the bin, he has left rubbish on top of the bin lid! It’s now a stand off (one im sure he doesn’t know we are having) because I certainly won’t be putting the bin liner in!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Now this is the kind of thing I’m talking about T! I wonder how tall that pile is going to get before one of you caves in…..and dare you send a pic?! 😂


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