Tonight, I witnessed a miracle…..

Tonight I decided to cook a dinner with no variations for the Pud Residence fusspots.  No spaghetti hoops for those who don’t like peas or carrots.  No chicken nuggets and rice for those who don’t eat curry.  No plain pasta for those with an aversion to Bolognese sauce.  No mashed potato and sausages for those who won’t tolerate the meaty layer of a shepherd’s pie.  Need I go on?

There was none of that malarkey tonight – tonight I grabbed the bull by the horns and served up the same meal for all of us.  Controversial or what? Or perhaps I’m the only mug in Christendom who has made a rod for my own back by pandering to the whims of my family just to ensure that they get some food down them at mealtimes?

Tonight’s one meal-fits-all was a chicken and chorizo pasta concoction that I’ve been plucking up the courage to inflict on the fam for a while.  I even slipped one or two mushrooms into the sauce – confident in the knowledge that a stick blender can obliterate a multitude of sneaky ingredients (except spinach – you could stand there blending that bad boy until the end of never and you would still fail to fully disguise those giveaway garish green strands).  I set the plates down in front of everyone at the table (yes, the table – for occasionally we like to pretend we’re civilised) and braced myself for the onslaught…..

And this is where something joyous occurred

Because, apart from one potentially heart stopping moment when I was obliged to explain to my dinner guests what they were about to ingest (I have no idea why they couldn’t work it out for themselves – perhaps I need to work on my presentation), they started tucking in…..with no complaints….and actually said they liked it!!  Even Pud! I can’t tell you how happy this has made me.  To cook the same meal for all of us and for everyone to not just eat it, but to actually enjoy it, well it’s nothing short of a miracle in the Pud Residence which I just had to share with you.

Now I’m not sure if this innovative way of cooking for a family will ever catch on, but for tonight I am basking in this small culinary triumph – and contemplating how many times I can get away with serving this same meal over the next few weeks before someone cracks and confesses that they don’t really like it……






4 thoughts on “Tonight, I witnessed a miracle…..

    • It’s so hard isn’t it Rach – you want to try something new but you can almost guarantee the reaction you’re going to get if you dare! It drives me mad!


  1. That would be unheard of in my house, unless I wanted to tuck into nuggets myself every night. Well done you. My Spaghetti Bolognese needs to be food processed to the level of baby food and called “pork in pizza sauce” before they will begrudgingly eat it. They don’t like beef, tomatoes, mushrooms, onions or courgettes so it is a challenge! X

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