MeHello and thanks for visiting my blog – whether it was intentional or not, you’re very welcome!  I’m Kerry, a happily married (most of the time) Mum of two, living in an ever-expanding village in Leicester (that’s in the East Midlands, if your geography is as bad as mine!).  I like a BIG cup of strong black coffee within half an hour of waking, have an unhealthy obsession with Johnny Depp’s face and think that the world would be a very sad place without music, books or pesto.

Now, I know we’ve only just met but can I let you into a secret?

I’ve reached a bit of a blip in my life

There, I’m glad we’ve got that out in the open!  The problem is, I like my job but I no longer find it fulfilling, I love my kids but they’re growing up too fast for me too keep up with, my husband spends far too much time talking about heart attacks and pensions and as a big fat cherry on top of everything, I’m now grappling with the physical and mental shocks that being over forty has brought to my face, mind and body.

But please read on….I’m most definitely not feeling sorry for myself (I have too much good stuff in my life for that), these are simply my reasons for starting this blog.  You see, I’ve always wanted to write but make excuse after excuse not to do anything about it.  In fact I make excuses not to do a lot of things.  In fact, if you were to look up procrastination in the dictionary you wouldn’t find it under P, you would need to look under K for Kerry.

So I’ve decided to stop making excuses and to just go for it! What better way to deal with the tricky little twists and turns that life takes than by sharing them with others? Surely I can’t be the only person in Christendom whose kids make them walk ten paces behind them in public or whose idea of a great night involves a large vodka and coke, a giant bag of Frazzles and some serious internet searching for images of Johnny Depp?

I hope you enjoy reading!

Kerry x


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