The next chapter

First day at little schoolIt’s the first day back at school today. Some parents may be wondering how the last six weeks have flown by in such a blur and are already keeping vigil by their front door in eager anticipation of the return of their little darlings.  Others may be jumping for joy, glad to have their life, the contents of their fridge and an (albeit temporarily) empty laundry basket back after the extended critter invasion they call the summer holidays.  Me?  I’m afraid I’m not at liberty to divulge which camp I sit in but let’s just say that following six weeks of my beloved husband being at home and after witnessing his slapped bum face today because he wasn’t ready to return to work, I may have been a little unsympathetic when I commented, ‘Yes, it is a long break isn’t it?  It’s almost better in a way having to get up for work most mornings and leaving everyone else in bed,  like I’VE had to do over the last few weeks isn’t it?’  I jest of course, I’ve loved everyone being around over the last weeks.

BIG changes ahead this year; Eddy has started high school and Molly starts her GCSE subjects, so they’re both moving into unknown territory which they seem to be taking in their stride – unlike me, who’s spent the last week fretting that they’re going to starve every morning because their lunch break has changed to 1.30pm which is practically tea-time in my book.  We had an emergency lunchbox meeting last night whereby I crammed as much as I possibly could into their Tupperware boxes and gave them both strict instructions that they were to eat as much as humanly possible during break time, regardless of whether they’re hungry or not, to keep them going over the following two lessons before lunch.  They should enjoy my concern while it lasts really, for we all know that by the last week of term, they’ll be lucky if they get a squashed Dairylea triangle, a leaking strawberry Frube and a couple of wrinkled grapes, such is my weariness from making endless packed lunches.

Lunch box traumas aside, I’m actually pretty excited about the changes ahead for Molly and Eddy. Although it’s sad that Eddy is leaving behind his primary school years, and I’m all too aware that in the next year we’re going to see the biggest changes in him that we’ve experienced so far, he’s ready for the move and looking forward to the independence that it will start to create for him.  Molly gets to study the subjects that she has chosen for GCSEs and will hopefully enjoy her selections.  Well, apart from Lord of the Flies which she has started reading in preparation for English and has already declared it to be the most boring book ever written.  I’m not sure this bodes well for the next two years.

And so on to the next chapter – which I must mark by posting obligatory pics of the chilblains on their first day (Sorry Facebook friends – you didn’t think you’d got out of it that easily did you?)

All that’s left for me to say is, ‘Ooh, where has the time gone?’, ‘I feel SO old now’ and not forgetting, ‘Yay, no more school discos!’ and with that, I’m off to stand with Dog to await their return……

Waiting for his Master