Sunshine and showers

Today’s bike ride was a mixture of mostly sunshine with the odd scattered shower – which pretty much sums up my mood for the last couple of weeks actually 🙃

Nothing that a short ride through the countryside couldn’t put right though. Don’t underestimate the power of exercise to give you a boost folks – whether it’s getting on your bike and pedalling away your worries, taking a short walk that ends with a cup of coffee and a large slice of cake, or just playing catch in the garden with your thirteen year old son, who is hell-bent on breaking every finger you have with his super-human throws, it’s all good.

And you won’t feel guilty about spending the rest of the day in your pjs, doing quite a lot of nothing.

Sermon over 😊

Much bleakness over yonder

The face of someone not prepared for rain

How sweet to be a cloud….

Not quite the close up I wanted due to an oncoming car that cut short my photo session

Fun guy Pac-man

Now can I put my pjs on?